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Background Foret Plasma Labs (FPL) is a Texas LLC, based in The Woodlands. Kip Wintenburg, Randy Foret and Todd Foret formed FPL in 2006 to begin marketing its proprietary plasma technologies.

FPL has developed and patented/patent pending 4 platform technologies which provide plasma solutions for the Water, Energy and Carbon Nexus.

The plasma platform technologies are:
  PlasmaWhirl® Reactor
  Plasma ArcWhirl® Turbine
  Solid Oxide Glow Discharge Cell

Business Model FPL is better known as "PlasmaWhirl®". FPL DBA "PlasmaWhirl®" markets its plasma technologies through Licensee's whom are industry experts within their respective fields. Licensee's form up a PlasmaWhirl® subsidiary, for example PlasmaWhirl® Renewable Energies with exclusive rights for a territory, application or combination of both. However, the first step toward becoming a licensee is via our Purchase/Lease program.