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FPL has put a modern twist on a technology dating back to 1809 - the Arc Lamp.

Likewise, the US as well as many other parts of the world are returning to the past to shape the future - Direct Current. The US Department of Energy, Electric Power Research Institute and Emerge Alliance are pushing for DC.

Conversely, FPL's patented ArcWhirl® is well suited for the future DC world. Why? Quite simply, it is a DC arc lamp in which a fluid is TWISTED similar to a tornado or whirlpool around the graphite electrodes utilizing cyclones or hydrocyclones. Cyclone separators commonly employed for solid/liquid separation or gas/liquid separation such as flue gas desulfurization for coal burning power plants or oil/water separation from oil wells.

FPL is promoting and developing Renewable (Wind, Solar) DC Technologies for:
  Water Treatment (desalination, disinfection, recycle and reuse)
  Steam Generation
  Enhanced Oil Recovery
  Upgrading Heavy Oil
  Hydrogen Generation
  Cracking Natural Gas to Hydrogen
  Biomass Steam Reforming
  Carbon Capture and Sequestration ("CCS")
  CO2 Chemical Looping for CCS

Why? First, an inverter is not necessary to convert the DC to AC for use. Thus DC is used as is with zero heat losses for inverting to AC. Second, all of the aforementioned applications can be viewed as a means for storing energy. Whether it is in the form of clean water, upgraded oil or conversion of solid biomass such as wood chips to syngas then to liquid biofuels, the solar and/or wind energy is stored in a readily and dispatchable useful state. Our primary targets are those regions of the world with high solar irradiation.