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US Patent #7,622,693 & patents pending
   The Inductively Coupled PlasmaWhirl® Reactor uses RF energy to produce hot and ionized gases. It incorporates high temperature susceptors for capturing and recuperating heat from hot gases. Thus, the overall RF energy input can be dramatically reduced while increasing throughput. If you need a HEATER capable of producing IR + a blistering 4,100°F Hot Gas Stream then the PlasmaWhirl® Reactor is your #1 choice.
   The IC PlasmaWhirl® is available in models up to 250 kw. PlasmaWhirl® units can be stacked and/or aligned tangentially creating modules of up to 1 MW each.

For budget pricing and additional information please contact:
Tom Dickerson
PlasmaWhirl® Induction Systems
+1 (585) 455-8175

The PlasmaWhirl® is powered exclusively by Ameritherm power supplies and RF coils.