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US & Foreign patents pending
   The SoTrolysis™ System is a Solid Oxide High Temperature Plasma Glow Discharge Cell. It is a Fuel Cell operated in a regenerative mode. Similar to generating gases while recharging a 12 volt battery, the SoTrolysis™ system will generate steam, hydrogen and carbon dioxide from any liquid electrolyte.
   The novelty of the system lies in part on the central HOLLOW cathode reaching a temperature of over 1,000°C. By circulating a fluid through the hollow electrode, the fluid can be superheated prior to use.

For example:
  •enhanced oil recovery
  •in a steam turbine
  •oil sands SAGD or refinery
  •petrochem and chemical process heaters

The SoTrolysis System was designed to be a
downhole heater using brine or carbonates
as the electrolyte.

For additional information please contact:
Todd Foret
+1 (337) 298-8870