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US Patent # 7,422,695 & patents pending
   The ArcWhirl® Cyclone & Turbine TriGeneration Systems are manufactured and offered exclusively by PlasmaWhirl® Renewable Energies located in Merced, CA.
   The ArcWhirl® Gasifier combines hot water with gasification or steam production with steam reforming. When coupled to the Cyclone Turbine the entire system is capable of Trigenerating steam, hot exhaust gases and electricity.

It is ideally suitable for gasifying biomass such as:
  •winery pumace
  •ag waste and other renewables

For additional information please contact:
Tim Conas
PlasmaWhirl® Renewable Energies
+1 (209)761-4050

The ArcWhirl® Cyclone & Turbine are manufactured inhouse at Great Spaces USA facility located in Merced, CA. For more information, please visit

The ArcWhirl® Biomass SynGas To Liquids ("GTL") System is coming soon!