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US Patent #7,857,972 & patents pending
   The Solar ArcWhirl® Filter for Drinking Water and Wastewater UV disinfection Systems provide the most intense point source of UV light on the market in combination with ceramic media filtration. No other UV Light system can be compared to the Solar ArcWhirl®. Why? It does not have a lamp nor does it contain mercury. And the cost per kw installed can be as low as $350.
   When air or oxygen are introduced into the ArcWhirl® it can be configured to generate ozone, discharge a very high temperature plasma or provide an intense source of light for night time activities. Thus, with the Solar ArcWhirl® Filter a village or remote location such as Solar Farms or Wind Farms can STORE ENERGY in the form of treated water while providing electricity + lighting. Thus the phrase Plasma To Plasma™.
   The Solar ArcWhirl® Filter is completely portable and operates on 48 Volts DC or from an Electric Vehicle, Solar Voltaic Panels, Wind Turbine or directly from a Fuel Cell.

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