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US Patent #8,074,439 Plasma Turbine Lean Combustion with Plasma from an Electrical Arc

The patented Plasma ArcWhirl® Turbine will gasify then lean combust any solid, liquid or gas fuel.  It is particularly well suited for cracking natural gas, propane or butane to hydrogen and carbon or steam reforming natural gas for lean combustion.

When operated with the patented ArcWhirl® as the gasifier, the ArcWhirl® Turbine is capable of producing a syngas from woodchips with a hydrogen concentration of greater than 30% with no production of tars.  This is a game changer because it allows for a very simple gas turbine design that uses off-the-shelf turbochargers with a unique ignition system capable of supersonic combustion.

Wastewater, Biosolids and BioGas
Quite simply the Plasma ArcWhirl® Turbine can combust biosolids and biogas from a wastewater treatment plant while producing all the oxygen necessary for aeration.   This eliminates all other grid connected electrical blowers.

Zero Flaring and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
Likewise, it can be operated as a thermal gasifier/oxidizer in lieu of flaring gas from oil & gas wells, refineries, petrochem plants and chemical plants.  The turbine exhaust is used to heat water and/or generate steam for enhanced oil recovery.

Rapid DC Charging – 380 VDC
Since the ArcWhirl® is a DC plasma torch that can be operated directly with solar panels and/or wind turbines, the plasma arcwhirl® turbine can be utilized for rapid charging of batteries or ultracapicators.  By attaching a Turbo DC alternator to the exhaust of the turbocharger the Plasma ArcWhirl® Turbine can provide upwards of 30 KW of DC power.  This can be tied into future buildings that will use 380 VDC.  Thus, an inverter is not necessary for tieing into solar, wind or future buildings.

The Plasma ArcWhirl® Turbine will fire any fuel, anywhere anytime™.

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